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Published Jul 02, 22
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The Generational Wealth: 7 Ways To Build A Money Legacy Ideas

The stock market is a good place to start since compound interest means the return on investment increases exponentially the longer you invest. If you’re new to investing or it all sounds a bit overwhelming, you can try opening an account with or . These platforms walk you through the entire process and educate you on the basics of investing.

These funds are diversified and offer low fees: the perfect place to set and forget your money. With compound interest, investing $5,000 every year can turn into millions if left for over 30 years — that’s enough for a comfortable retirement and a nice chunk of money for your children.

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If you put in the initial effort and pay off the mortgage, real estate will offer steady and reliable cash flow for generations to come. If you’ve already bought your house, you’ve had a taste of real estate! If you enjoy inspecting properties and managing tenants, consider your options and see how you could get started with real estate investing.

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However, these options to invest in real estate are newer and should be more of a compliment to investing in actual properties. Going to college is a major investment in the U.S., and it can help pave the way to your children’s future. Putting away some money regularly in a 529 plan is a good way to start saving for your child’s education and protect it from taxes.

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However, college is not the only option as your children may want to learn a trade, go to an online school, or start a business. But being prepared ahead of time can lower the burden of any debt and help your children have a head start financially when they start their careers.

By taking out life insurance, you can rest assured your children and spouse won’t have to deal with difficult circumstances and they’ll have some money for the future. Make sure to do your research and compare different options so you take out life insurance that works best for you and your family.

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Get a quick free quote from Bestow here. Consulting an expert will help you make sure you are making a plan with the correct financial instruments and are passing on wealth in the most efficient way. If you’re passing on a large number of assets with complex terms and conditions, an expert will help you make sure everything is set and in place for when the next generation receives your wealth.

Experts would include: CPA, Financial Advisor, Lawyer, etc. Teaching your kids how to manage money and how to invest in assets helps set them up for life. Plus, it saves them time from having to learn on their own and make mistakes. While having some minor financial mishaps can be great learning experiences, it can set them back financially for a few years.

And not only will they know how to manage the wealth you pass on to them, but they’ll be able to build their own wealth and pass it onto the next generations to come. Don’t you wish your parents had educated you on personal finance more? Passing down knowledge means your children will understand the ins and outs of money and won’t make some of the mistakes that aren’t worth making.

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One of the best ways to pass down generational wealth is creating a business, which if successful, can be passed down and create financial stability. Many well-known businesses today have been continued to be run by families, think Walmart or Chick-Fil-A. Naturally, your children will have their own interests and may not want to work for the family business.

But by having a business, you can start your family off young to see if they like it and show any interest. And you also don’t need to create a franchise business either. It could be something smaller or even an online business that you can pass down as an asset.

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Building and passing on generational wealth isn’t a piece of cake. This is because you first need to build the wealth, make sure it can be passed on relatively smoothly, and then educate the next generation on money management and how to protect wealth. The first generation (that’s likely to be you!) will need to work hard in order to provide for your family and pass on assets to the next generation.

The Best Guide To 6 Tips For Building Generational Wealth Through Real Estate

However, if you do not educate your children on money management, it’s likely they will go on a spending spree and take your assets for granted. This means the third generation will be back to square one, and generational wealth will have only lasted one generation — which isn’t sustainable generational wealth.